Immerse Yourself in a Truly Stunning Visual Experience 

GOOVIS LITE is a next-level game changer powered by True 3D Dual M-OLED display for ultra-high quality video and audio. It results in stunning 600 inches of virtual screen with vivid colors that instantly transport you into the scene. It’s a personal big-screen cinema experience that you can enjoy anywhere.

Glasses Free, Eyes Free, Carefree!

Free your eyes, free your mind! With GOOVIS LITE, you don’t even need to wear your glasses to dive into your best-loved content. Customized diopter adjustable lenses with ultra-high display accuracy of +/-0.33D eliminate double vision or any dizziness! This featherweight 200g headset lets you set your glasses aside for a more comfortable fit and perfect visuals. (extra astigmatism glasses available)

GOOVIS LITE: The Clearest Giant Screen Personal 3D Cinema

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